Practice shows that the acoustic system of budget home theater capable of reproducing the sound more high quality than the computer speakers in the same price category. The problem is that to connect the speakers to the DVD player not in use suitable connectors. The only true solution is to use a DVD player as an amplifier. Purchase cable, which is an adapter with normal connector 3.5 mm Jack into two "Tulip". Select the optimal length of the cable, given the fact that the wire is too long can adversely affect the signal transmission quality.
Now connect the Jack connector to a free slot of the sound card of your computer. If you are using a sound card with a non-configurable connectors, the connection should be made to the Audio Out port. Connectors located on the other end, connect to TV Audio In DVD player.
Make sure that all speakers and the subwoofer (if present) is connected to the DVD player. Turn on both devices. Wait for loading the operating system. If you have access to the settings of the DVD player, then specify the channels used as the main audio source.
Open the program, allowing to change the parameters of the sound card of the computer. First, make sure that the used connector has the Audio Out option. Now set the output settings of the audio signal. If the home theater system includes a standard 5.1 system (5 speakers and a subwoofer), select the operating mode of the sound card 6СН Speaker. This will allow to properly distribute the signal transmitted from the computer to the DVD player.
Run the appropriate musical composition and make fine adjustments to your sound using the equalizer of the computer and the DVD player.