Prepare to connect the appropriate cord. If at the music center interface audio input (often it is called Aux) sockets of type a Tulip, you will need a cord with two plugs on one end and mini Jack on the other. If the connection will be made through the microphone input, you will need a cord with plugs mini-Jack on both ends. In some models of musical centres can be used socket type Jack for microphone input.
Insert one end of the wire into the appropriate connector on the music centre. The other end into the computer's sound card. As the connectors you want to output audio – Out. Usually on the sound card it is marked in green.
Turn on the music station, the appropriate mode of operation. If you use Aux, you can activate this mode by pressing the corresponding button on the music center. To work microphone connector, typically, does not require the inclusion of special modes, however, some models of musical centres support the increased incoming through the signal connector.
Set to work the sound card. Select the computer "start" – "control Panel" – "Sound". Open the section "Playback" and check the settings of the sound card. If everything is OK, you will see a green tick next to the images of the respective device.
It remains to verify the implemented connections. Adjust the volume at the music center, and on the computer, start any audio file. If you connected everything properly, you will hear a music sound from speakers. Otherwise, once again check that all steps are completed and the connection of the cords, including connecting the speakers with musical center.