You will need
  • mixer;
  • cables.
To connect the mixer to the computer you need a mixer, a computer with a sound card having at least two channels of audio output, speaker system for audio output and connecting cables. If your PC is not installed sound card, contact a specialized center that you find appropriate accessories. As a rule, almost all sound cards have special inputs that let you connect the mixer to the computer. If you have a laptop, most likely, your sound card is already built inside.
The connection cable depends on the capabilities of the sound card and the requirements of the mixer. Often need the following cables: single-channel a 3.5 Stereo-2RCA of not less than three pieces and cable 2RCA-2RCA to the music center. Carefully read the instructions for the mixer, not to be mistaken with recognizing all of the connectors on the panel.
Connect one cable 3.5 Stereo-2RCA to the sound card, two cable LINE input CH1 and CH2. Connect the music centre by cable 2RCA-2RCA to the master output (on the record). Carefully review all the cables. They must be properly connected to the computer and mixer, to avoid any short circuits or anything.
Configure the audio from the mixer to the computer after setting the program of signal processing of BPM Studio Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio or PC DJ Red. Experiment with the settings for the sound devices to hear the output of the mixer. The exact algorithm of the connection depend on the specifications of the mixer and the capabilities of the sound card. Optimum use of the sound card that support 5.1 or two standard sound cards.