In the configuration of your home theater needs to be a dvd-player, regularly reproducing the disks directly to five speakers and a subwoofer and high-quality sound card and wire with connectors of type "Tulip" from one end and mini Jack on the other.
To connect the speaker system to home theater system to the sound card of your computer, you need a realtor-amplifier – it is the role of a dvd player.
Using this cable, connect the player to the sound card, sticking it in the cable with a mini Jack in the socket out. The two connectors "Tulip" on the other end of the cable connect to the dvd player in the slot in. To the player, connect the speaker system the supplied cables, sticking the cables in the appropriate connectors.
Open the settings of the sound card and in the settings for your audio equipment, specify that you have 6 columns to adjust the sound settings in accordance with the new sound environment.
Connect the dvd player to the network, enter the correct channel of audio output and listen to the music, enjoying the powerful and high quality sound.
In the process of listening to different music, edit the settings for the sound card level, bass, mid, and high frequencies by changing the values of the equalizer manually if necessary.
Also the sound settings you can adjust in the settings of the dvd player.