You will need
  • Computer, USB speakers.
Before you can enjoy the sound transmission wireless loudspeakers, you must perform several steps on their connection. So first you need to install on your computer the software disc which you will find included with the speakers. Insert it into the drive and wait until the system performs an automatic startup disk. In the pop-up installation window, without changing its default settings, click "Install" (it can also be marked as "Install"). Waiting for the end of the installation of the device drivers on your computer, proceed to the next step.
Connect the USB transmitter supplied with the speakers, into any free USB port on your computer. Due to the previously installed drivers, the system will automatically detect the type of device and configures it work on your computer. Once you see the desktop notification informing you that the device is installed and ready to use, you can turn column. This is done by changing the position of the toggle switch located on one of the columns in the mode "ON". By setting this mode, you can hear from the speakers broadcast the signal. In some cases after installing the drivers, the system may require a reboot of the computer.