If you have a regular DVD player without microphone inputs, do not rush to change it to special. Purchase separately a special karaoke disc with songs of that genre that you like. The video output of the player connect directly to the TV and audio out through the mixer to any design. To free mixer, attach the desired number of microphones.
If the DVD player you have not yet, your budget is limited, and the number of songs you wish to sing karaoke, small, purchase a player, designed to use regular karaoke discs, such as those described in the previous step. From a regular player differs only in that it includes a built-in mixer, and it included the microphone (sometimes two). Manufactured devices in this class by many manufacturers. Any of them is no more than 2000 rubles. Their advantage is the presence on the disk of the video synchronized with music, and a drawback - a small number of songs on one disk - it fits only about two hours of music. To increase the range of works required to buy media.
If you wish together with a karaoke player to get a single disc containing several thousands of songs, pay attention to some of the devices manufacturing firms LG and Samsung. Some of them are made in the form of sound systems that connect to TVs, others are in the usual form factor of the players. The tunes on the accompanying disc stored in the MIDI format, which is why they placed on him a lot. The disc contains a video sequence, which is chosen randomly and does not correspond to the contents of the song. Also there are files with lyrics, and sometimes audio files of vocals in WMA format. Song is selected via menu, or direct dial her number, was found in enclosed album. Also, the device is provided with the function of assessing the quality of singing, but in practice is evaluated, rather the volume. The cost of such a player from 5000 rubles.
Periodically buy for this turntable drives with an updated range of works. It is possible for them to reproduce and karaoke disks intended for ordinary DVD players (but not Vice versa).