You will need
  • speakers;
  • - DVD.
To start with the selection of speakers. Of course, the column will give the fact that it takes the head unit, but also from its quality a lot depends on the playback sound. But still, cheap Chinese speakers are unlikely to provide high-quality sound, not to mention their lifetime, so purchase the model, the quality of which will be at a high level.
Buying good speakers, for example, a set of 5.1 or 2.0, proceed to their connection with the player. Best speakers for the DVD to connect along with the amplifier, through the audio output of the DVD player. Thanks to this connection the DVD can be used as mp3 player or CD player.
Check the right and left front speakers, a subwoofer, right and left rear speakers, and center speaker. This must be done because the DVD format is accompanied by a six channel sound track, and this means that each track should have its own column.
If you don't know what the input is plug a particular column, insert at the recess bell in every available socket. If the plug finds its native input, the column will begin to emit either a slight noise, a distinctive crackle.
Connecting speakers to DVD, don't put them next to the sound of the score sound different. Subwoofer column is generally desirable to put away from the others, as it is not only its large size but also that it produces low frequency sound that the human ear perceives almost no.