If you are a happy owner of modern TV, all you need to do is find the USB connector and insert it in your USB flash drive. Well still unless to press the remote button, which will switch the image on the external source (typically a button TV/AV). But modern TVs are different, and if you bought a model that has no USB port – standard connector to connect the USB drive - do not worry, the problem is solvable.
To connect a USB flash drive to your TV with any media player devices that replaced the bulky and many people do not need DVD players.
Simple but able to play video files of any formats, display photos and play music media player, worth no more than $100 and while its size is not greater than a pocket book.
So, connect your media player to any TV (even CRT) with a suitable cable (supplied) and connect your flash drive to the USB port in the media player. On the TV, select a reception signal from an external source button (TV/AV) and enjoy!