The design of the order in the school must strictly conform to the standards, when making a watch, to contain the following necessary details: - name of organization; - name of the document type of the order;- date and number;- place of publication;- title to the text (brief and should reflect the content of the order, for example, "On");- text;- signature.
With particular attention to the most detailed and substantive part of the document text. It consists of the recital (optional) and administrative parts. In the recital of a brief description of goals and objectives, the facts and events giving rise to the issuance of the order. It can begin with the words "In order", "under", "pursuant". In orders issued pursuant to administrative documents of the parent organizations, the recitals should contain the organization's name – the author, date, number and title of the document. In the initiative orders in the recital of give explanation of the necessity of issuance of the order.In the administrative parts list the prescribed actions, specifying performers and terms. Administrative part is separated from stating the word "ORDER" which is printed in uppercase on a new line (no indent), then goes column. Administrative part of the text of the order is usually divided into paragraphs, which are numbered in Arabic numerals with dots.
In the case where the order gives effect to any documents (instructions, schedules, rules, regulations), to formulate them in the form of an Annex to the order.If needed, coordinate order with all stakeholders and parent organizations.Will finalize the order of the last props, which give the order of the power - signature (comprised of the position of the person who signed the order, signature and decrypt the signature).
For a normal workflow and to save time searching for necessary orders, register them in groups within a calendar year (January 1 – December 31).- Orders on primary activity. Orders on staff (reception, dismissal, transfer, promotion, granting leave without pay or care). - Orders on administrative and economic issues. Orders for the movement of students and pupils register by ordinal numbering within the academic year (September 1 – August 31). Allowed to complement the room of the order of the alphabetic index.