Advice 1: How to write a motion to school

The petition, which parents are going to write to the school, an official request or statement that is addressed directly only to the Director of the school, not one of the employees of the institution. The causes of the motions can be different, so follow the simple rules and your appeal will not remain without attention.
How to write a motion to school
Follow strictly the prescribed form of submission of the application. In the upper right corner to completely specify the position, name and address of the location of the institution, the initials of the person to which you are applying. In this case, that person is the headmaster. Miss one line, write with capital letters the word "petition", and then with a red line with a capital letter describe the reason you decided to make this appeal.
The petition is usually written in two copies. The one you should leave in the office of the Secretary to the Director of the school, and the second must be the date of receipt of the petition. If necessary, the motion to attach certificate confirming your request or suggestion. Such documents always play a crucial role in the filing of such statements and speed up the processing time.
Ask for help if you don't know how to draw or to state the purpose of filing your petition. The cost of such services is usually not more than 300 rubles and is really worth it. But you can be sure that your application will not be returned due to a wrong booking.
Always think about what will entail your treatment. If your child is already studying in this school, we think over the smallest details, as it is in any case should not affect his status in the school. If your petition contains complaints and claims teachers be sure that this information will remain confidential.
An application for admission of child to school should be written in achieving the learning age, which is about 5-7 years, given the fact that the classes may be overcrowded and you will have to wait a year or apply to another school.
Don't forget at the end of the petition to put a date and signature. Describe and list the attached documents. Follow these rules and you will achieve results the performance of compiled applications.

Advice 2: How to write a certificate to the school

In special circumstances pupils are required to provide teaching staff with different certificates, for example, to confirm absences due to illness. Write a note owe the parents or the employees of certain companies.
How to write a certificate to the school
A certificate to the school for a child can be parents. In that case, if the student was absent from class, for example, due to the treatment of disease at home without the participation of medical professionals. This document can be addressed to the class teacher of the child or the head teacher (if absent from class more than two weeks). In this case, the document can be called "explanatory note". If the child was treated at a medical facility or the doctor came to the house, reference must be directly specialist. On request, it can address a certificate to the class teacher, the headteacher or the teacher of the class which the student missed or will be forced to skip in further as health.
Indicate the details of the addressee with the name and number of the school in the upper-right corner of the reference. Below write the name, initials and position of the classroom teacher, school Director or other authorized person. Next, tell who is the originator of the document (name and initials of one of the parents or the attending physician).
Pull back a little and in the Central part of the sheet indicate the name of the document "certificate" or "an Explanatory Memorandum". Called with a red line, make a short description of the incident situation, report the reason for the absence of the child in the classroom. It is important that it was valid, otherwise the management of the school will be forced to take disciplinary measures against the student and his parents. As proof of these reasons for the lack can attach different documents (medical certificate, medical report, received the competition diploma, etc.). At the bottom of the sheet put the current date and signature. If the certificate is issued by a special institution, it must be able to print it.
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