The sequence number of the order for personnel is also its registration number (the index). The numbering of orders (orders) on the staff drive within deloproizvodstvo year separately for each group of administrative documents in the special registration forms.

Deloproizvodstva year usually coincides with the calendar (January 1 - December 31). But there are exceptions, for example, institutions of culture, education, etc., stationery year which begins 1 September.
To begin delimit all the orders for certain groups. Divide the paper according to their shelf life for long-term storage of documents and documents short-term storage.

In large organizations, there are a large number of employees, for convenience, select within the array of orders with the same shelf life of several groups of homogeneous themes.

For example, documents the long-term storage can be divided into groups: orders for admission, orders of dismissal, orders of transfer. Paper and short-term storage can be partitioned into series: orders about vacations, trip orders.

In organizations with very large numbers sometimes it is necessary to develop a code letter orders for each category of staff.
Further, each of these groups of orders on the personnel register in special shapes. As the registration form, you can use the log registration-control cards or electronic document management system. Each of these forms has its advantages and disadvantages.

Registration-control cards and electronic filing, which are usually duplicative, more convenient to organize and search. Logbooks provide greater information security.

Registration forms do not have a strict standard, but usually contain the following information:

- date;

the number of the order;

- who was signed by (position, name);

- summary of the order;

- base;

- performer.
Now, to number the orders on the staff, you just need to look in the appropriate log and rename the document to another index.