You will need
  • - stationery, books or notebooks.
Complete book of registration of orders. As internal documents on the current activities and personnel must be registered separately, make a few of these books for orders on the main activities, administrative activities, human resources, travel, vacations, etc.). Razlikuje graphs page bought books. Write the header of the name column: p/n, order Number, date, Brief content, the signature of the performers.
Decorate the title pages of books by writing the names by hand or typing on a computer(the Book of registration of orders for _________(the main activities, personnel, vacation, business trip, etc______ year). Number the leaves of books. Proszowice them using the awl and thread. On the reverse side of the stick books of paper with the inscription: "Numbered, bound __ sheets". Specify the date, position, select the signature and decrypting the signature. Stamp (for documents or personnel).
Register the orders in the books as they arrive. Record gently as possible without corrections. In the column "№ p/p" enter the serial number of the entry in the column "order number" - the number of the document in the column "date" - the date specified in the order (not the date of registration). In the "Brief contents" write what order. In the column "signature of the artist" must sign the staff member who designed the fulfillment of the order.