Stop believing that he will come back to you. It often happens that the woman is fully aware of the impossibility of such a development, but somewhere in the subconscious mind still paints a rosy picture of the series And if all of a sudden?..." It is this "if" will never allow you to forget and start with a clean slate. Understand that even if he returns to you, he will leave again, and this will continue indefinitely, and you will pay only their nerves.
Stop trying to get him back. The Council is a logical continuation of the first. The man left you willingly, so do not constantly try to return it – so you will only humiliate yourself. The power of the human ability to let go of the other, if he wants to leave. Make messages, refer to fortune-tellers and other radical and not very ways.
The man will come back to you only if you will understand that you can't live without you. But before that thought he needs to walk independently, without your help. If no such thought in his mind, there is nothing to wait for.
Stop clinging to the past. Constantly thinking of the happy, romantic, cute moments of your relationship, you just rastrillea his soul, and reduce the chances of a successful outcome. In the end if remember remember not only good but also bad. Stop listening to songs that remind you of this person, stop induce yourself memories of him. Stop being a masochist.
Do not throw away or burn the letters and things that remind you of the man you only stronger will survive. Better to just get them to the back burner and not get out under any pretext. The most valuable things for you and gifts to Express mind, even if they perceived you as Museum exhibits.
Change the environment and change ourselves. Rearrange or redecorate the apartment, buy new clothes, change hairstyle and image as a whole – let that piece of life you spent with this person will remain in the past and start a new.
Be sure to do something that will captivate you. Find a new hobby, start a repair... take your time with something other than memories of past love. This is an excellent and proven tool.
And look around. There are so many people! There are a lot of good, smart and beautiful people! If you broke up, you're not supposed to be together and so that ahead of you waiting for something much better. Good luck to you!