Advice 1: How to forget husband

According to psychologists, in order to get over your ex husband, an average woman will need between 2 to 4 years. Of course, everyone's situation is individual, but a period of adaptation after the divorce still happens. How to make it less painful? First and foremost, it is not necessary to dwell on yourself and your grief. In addition, there are a number of recommendations that will help you overcome depression after a divorce.
don't let anyone convince you that all men are the same
You will need
  • In order to help yourself, that desire and great will power.
You need to cut the ties with the former spouse. Change your phone number, try not to communicate with his friends and colleagues. Ideally, it is better not to see, but if this is hard to achieve, try to limit communication.
Try not to visit places that evoke memories, and to communicate with people who strive to return you to the past.
Find new interests. Ask for help to friends and acquaintances. Try to take absolutely all the time. Go to an exhibition or in a cafe, do some embroidery or extreme sports.
You can go head first into work.
However, leave some time for self-care. Don't forget that you are a woman and should look the part. From negative thoughts will help to get rid of shopping or the gym.
Get a haircut or image. This will help you to tune in to a new period in your life.
If you can not escape, is to admit to yourself that you need to consult a specialist. You may visit the training or therapy. Most importantly, do not self-medicate. Antidepressants and sleeping pills can only aggravate the situation. If you want to relax, then take a course of massage or take a relaxing bath.
If you are too embarrassed to go out, then ask for help on the forum or call in an anonymous counseling.
Make a journal or start to write poetry. This will help to release all your feelings.
In any case, do not engage in soul-searching, but don't blame only your former spouse. Remember that often in parting both sides are to blame.
You don't have to go back to negative experiences, analyze their mistakes and release the situation. If you catch yourself thinking about ex-husband, try to occupy yourself with something that will allow you to relax and tune in to positive emotions.
Don't let anyone convince themselves that all men are the same and incapable of love. Remember that everyone is different. Find your love and true destiny at any age.
Useful advice
In my free time, more read or watch movies. You can study science fiction or history. Just don't overdo the drama or the lady's novels, they remind you of a breakup.

Advice 2: How to forget the beloved husband

Love, unfortunately, is not eternal, there comes a time of parting, or the tragic events deprive you of the beloved husband. But we need to continue to find strength and move forward. Try to set a goal is to forget a loved one and try to be happy again.
How to forget the beloved husband
Learn how to adequately make any twist of fate. It's not easy to do so in some cases without the help of a psychologist will be difficult to do. In this situation, you can help conversations with women who find themselves in a similar situation. You can chat with them through the Internet or in crisis centres for women.
Learn to see themselves as self-sufficient person. If you have any Hobbies, then you will be able to escape from the sad thoughts. For example, you can go to the pool or in the bath with girlfriends, to do embroidery or yoga. Learn to dance waltz, or belly dancing. In the classroom you will be able to meet new people. And the most important thing is that you will have free time to feel sorry for yourself.
Load yourself with work. If you're busy at the office till evening, you can avoid boring and long evenings alone. You can also start repairs in the apartment, change of scenery, and means to start a new life.
Embark on a vacation. New impressions and emotions at this time, you need more than ever. It's also possible that's where you will be able to tie a new relationship with a man.
Not every evening, looking through photos, to cry in solitude. Better start making plans for the future. Proceed to study in graduate school or enroll in some courses. Start to do something new and interesting. For example, if you start to volunteer, helping in the care of children or the elderly, then you'll feel needed, you have meaning in life.
Helps to forget the past and start a new life a simple psychological trick. Write on a sheet of paper the events that you associate with past relationships that you want to forget and burn it. On another sheet write what you would like to see in your life in the future, and be sure to save it. You program yourself for a happy future life, and the past will let go with a light heart.
Clean up: go to the hairdresser, a massage. Buy new beautiful outfits. Go to a meeting with friends, communicate more. After some time you will be able to forget your husband and probably meet a new love.
Neither entreaties nor tears will not help to keep him, if the man decided to leave – so he's not your man, let him go. But how to live further without it, is it possible to forget a loved one? Sorry, forget to quickly fail, a person has no button that you would click and erase everything from memory.
Useful advice
How to forget the man she loved the guy. So weird. Yesterday you arm in arm wandered along the evening city or had dinner together, and your eyes shone with happiness, and today He suddenly said he was leaving. What to do next? To try it as soon as possible to forget (from this point on "he" - only small letters because capital letters do not need to expend on a stranger:) ) Coming home alone, don't be shy, let it out your feelings.
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