A married man is always a headache for that which is not lawful wife. Especially if the relationship with him ended not in your favor. How to survive a breakup with a married man? There are some tips that can help, but only if you are willing to enter into a new independent life. Without him and thoughts about him.

A new relationship

The best way to forget about the married man is to get acquainted with the free. Not burdened with family and marriage, such a man can make you happy in just a few days. At least that will belong to you. He doesn't have to meet you in secret, hiding you from friends, on the first call to break away from you home. Already it will make you more happy. Feel the difference of relations. Even though the new satellite will be something to give to his predecessor. Treat yourself to the fact that his attention is focused on you and only you.


A breakup with a married man is a good way to make a career. If not get it so quickly to forget, it is necessary to carry out their work. First, it will clear your head from the sad thoughts. Secondly, you will benefit (a promotion at work, higher wages or prize). Find yourself the incentive to work, not to be distracted by thoughts about who your was never, and always belonged to his family and his wife.


To experience separation, not enough to dwell on thoughts about him. Find a new hobby that previously did not have the time, for example, spend more time with friends or family to think less about their breakup.

Be sure to remove that recalls a bygone man. Can't throw away? Hide in the box away. Minimize communication with those who fired you. Ideally, do not communicate at all. The less he's in front of you, the easier it is to forget.

Start some redecorating or repairs. Nothing is so distracting as a selection of new Wallpapers or Ottomans for the home. Not only will this occupy your mind for a while, but will benefit your home.

Take a vacation, if possible. It does not matter: whether it's travel abroad or an outing to a nearby town to friends. New places, new faces, new life. Ask yourself to be happy, no matter what. The more positive thoughts, the faster you'll stop thinking about the man who made a choice in favor of his wife, not you. Remember that if he was able to change her, there's no guarantee you he wouldn't do the same then.