The simplest case is when the feelings is mutual arousal, and the lovers themselves understand that "it's time to know and honor". Usually there is enough of the little phrase: "Thank you, I will keep very good memories, but sooner or later everything ends". And the parting is peaceful and civilized, without mutual claims or threats.
If a woman is very angry at a lover, for example, he did something much hurt and wants to end their relationship on their own initiative, the best option would just disappear. That is, briefly to tell him (preferably by phone): "We can no longer meet, don't ask any questions, forget me!" and stop all contacts. And sometimes not to say anything. But this method can be resorted to only if the woman firmly is convinced lover will take it relatively peacefully, and not try to take revenge.
A very difficult case - when the lover was very ambitious, with a strong "proprietary" instinct. If he still is prone to hysterical demonstrative actions, that separation from him is akin to heroism. He's out of pure principle I will try or to keep a woman, or cause her the maximum possible damages for "insult". How is it – left it! The feeling of wounded selfish pride can push a man to the most unworthy, even criminal, acts. Therefore, the best way here is to push him to go. So the initiative definitely belonged to him. And how to do it – tell a woman's intuition.
So, in conclusion, still find it hard to resist the Council: before to have a lover, you need to think about it. Because the price for the pleasure may be prohibitive.