If you find it difficult to talk to strangers, you are lost and start to become embarrassed, to get rid of this will help you practice. Fear is a natural emotion and it is inherent in every person. But if you can step over it once, then next time it will be even easier, because you will experience. Start with a smile. Every day smile at least one stranger guy. Most likely, you will never meet, but even this second meeting will leave pleasant emotions. You'll see, he will smile to you in return.
Minor use requests, appropriate compliments, jokes. Lost? Ask that cute guy. Greet with a smile and a slight nod of the head men who open doors for you. Give unflattering remark in the spirit: "nice scarf!" to a passing stranger with a waving six-foot accessory on the neck. Joked with the courier who delivered your pizza. So you correctly understood, do not try to flirt hard, just act natural.
When the meeting was held, to continue his conversation. Perhaps it is to be held, say, in the nearest coffee shop. The reason may be a place, where you are ("Here at home. Come here often?"), and the drink you are drinking ("Oh, how about another cappuccino?"), and the background music around. Ask open questions, but only those that you can ask the person you know only a couple of hours. For example, "How do you like this movie? Now everyone is talking about it."
Don't be afraid to fail, you just communicate. Perhaps the person who made a good impression on you, in fact, will not be so interesting. Your goal is not "to tie into their network", but simply to learn of the ease in communication. And, of course, it is not necessary to train your skills attract the attention of guys several times a day. Otherwise you risk losing the line between communication and accessibility.