Take care of yourself, emphasize their dignity and hide flaws. In the transition to adulthood can be a lot of sudden changes with the body. These include pimples on the face or rapid growth, becoming taller than everyone in the class. No need to panic and put on a cross.

Can cope with everything: acne is a special equipment, and high growth need to emphasize and use as an advantage. Seek advice from a mom, sister or another relative, to advise on how to look beautiful. Pick the right clothes, apply a light makeup completes the image of a beautiful hairdo and manicured nails.
Do not try to look more Mature. Many girls are trying to attract the attention of the boy slutty clothes and bright makeup. But this behavior may look ridiculous, but the guy rejected such changes. Don't start Smoking and drinking to impress and appear older than their years.
Do not follow him, and behave yourself. From an overabundance of feelings and hormones that lovers girls often behave recklessly – pursue the object of love, and then run away and hide, bully or pester the boy. Learn to control yourself, you need to impress the young man. The boys will be assessed if you are sociable and with good sense of humor.
Share in his interests. Find out the interests of the boy that he likes, dislikes, how they spend their free time and his favorite movies. If you have similar tastes, give him to understand it. When dealing touch this topic, and when he says that he likes to do it, offer to spend time together. For example, if a boy likes after school roller-skating, join him. During a fun walk you will get closer and he'll see you on the other side.
Learn how to flirt. But it should be done with caution, practice beforehand at home, not to look ridiculous. During the recess look at him, and when he will feel it and will turn – look to the side. Accidentally touch it when you walk past, or build something close. Laugh at his jokes, hold his point of view and listen carefully when he says something.
Ask for help. Forgot your pen? Ask him about the spare. On the complex control work ask for advice, but only if he understands the subject. Ask for help if you are in school and need to change the water or lift chairs.