How to fall in love with the boy?

First of all, it should be noted that love is a relative concept. In this article she discusses how some feelings between two people, like a crush. Also be aware that many boys do not understand any hints from girls, and not to notice even basic things. So, forewarned is forearmed!

  1. No wonder they say that men love with their eyes. If they are girls something they don't like special attention from them should not wait. In order to attract the attention of the guy you always need to look extraordinary, standing out from the crowd of other girls. You should not dress excessively sexy and provocative, because in this case there is a risk of premature to call it carnal sense, but we are talking about feelings.
  2. Attention! It is not necessary to attract the attention of guys with their fanciful and extravagant behavior. It's too much. Some of the boys in this situation may simply push away from the future target number. Behave should not be restrained, but at the same time confident. To fall in love with a boy, you need at least learn how to keep this balance.
  3. While Dating a guy should try to interest him in a particular conversation. Most importantly, the topic of conversation was interesting to both.

All. The first step is taken. Now you need to think about how to surprise a guy for the long haul.

How to surprise a guy like that?

  1. First of all, you must remain for him a mystery. Should not rush to the very first meeting to lay out everything about themselves to the spirit.
  2. The intrigue will be to give him some information about yourself small portions. Casually, in passing. It is not necessary to reveal their innermost secrets!
  3. To have at least some footing, you need to know about the interests of any boy. Some guys that surprise is not a joke.

When this stage is passed, comes the time to play on his emotional state. It may not be easy, but the results should surprise both. So how do you fall in love with the boy?

Knight's move!

  1. Should abandon the first "official" meeting with him! This will make it difficult, but not impossible. Waiting will only exacerbate mutual interest. In most cases, the boys in this situation do what do you think about the early meeting with the newly-chosen: a knight's move will significantly strengthen its fledgling love.
  2. To fall in love with a boy, you should show genuine interest in his Hobbies, even if they are not interested. This will allow you to extend the range of General topics for discussion. For example, you can ask him about football, asking about the fate of Russian football clubs in the Champions League, as well as to know the current composition of the youth national team of Russia.
  3. When that happens, the path to its heart is almost open! Just do not need to surrender to his passions without reserve. Otherwise, potential sweetheart can turn into a girl-friend.
  4. Speaking of which, for greater expressiveness can be done so that the guy was only some bit of doubt as to the feelings of his lady: you need not cease to be for him a mystery, but know the measure! The main thing – do not overdo it.
  5. It is recommended to dedicate each meeting, but at the same time not to be Intrusive and annoying.
  6. Can and pokapriznichat, too, only in moderation. No need to bring lover boy increased demands and unreasonable requests for him.

In principle, that's all. It is important to understand that to fall in love with a boy who really deserves is not a matter of one day or even one week.

To please the guy (at school, at University, in the yard), you should be ready to show his unavailability. In fact, this psychological nuance has a greater effect on the aspect of amorousness person than banal seducing her partner on the first date.

The main thing – to believe in yourself!