Before you make a boy in love with you, it's important to get him to pay attention. You should consider what type of students it relates. If a guy is by nature a Tomboy, too, will have to be a brilliant and flamboyant personality. Try to have as many friends: communicate with others, feel free to Express yourself and share any thoughts and ideas. Perhaps the leader of a class of a fail, but behaviour change may already be enough to make the boy began to get accustomed to the unusual classmate.
Harder to make the boy fell in love, if he is humble by nature. In this case, you should take matters into their own hands and start communicating first. Offer to help him study or ask for help themselves. You can try to take a seat at the same Desk with him or next to communicate more. It is sure to be glad that he's getting attention, and maybe it even wakes up any feelings.
Continue communication with the boy that you like, and outside school or other educational institution. Find out with whom he usually walks and spends time and try to be part of this company. A good way to strengthen relationships – social networks. Create a neat page and fill it out the best photos. Add boy friends and often try to send him a message and also "like" and comment on his record. Do not overdo it, lest he decide that you are chasing him.
Master new Hobbies. This will help to make the boy fell in love. For example, sign up to the sports section or the creative circle, he visits. Particularly effective in this respect are foreign language courses and dancing, because here students often create pairs for the different tasks that it becomes a great opportunity for convergence and call up the General feelings.
Once your communication with the boy will be close enough, ask him to go out or wait for such offer from him. The most convenient places for good and close contact can become a cozy cafe or a Park (in good weather). You can also go to the cinema together – then you will have something to discuss. Remember about such an important moment touch. Most try to take the boy by the hand, hugged, kiss on the cheek or even lips. This will help to awaken the senses, and after a while you will probably hear the coveted "I love you."