Sympathetic classmate simply. At a young age boys are glad to any attention from girls. Therefore, we need only to show a little patience, and a classmate will fall in love with you by the ears.
To make it clear to the classmate that you like, ask for help with any subject. If he is not good in studies and your grades better let him exercise his ingenuity and intelligence. For example, ask them to fix a broken chain or adjust the tablet. Typically, these jobs the boys handle it quickly and with pleasure. He will assist you and will feel that you need it. In addition, he will wonder why you appealed to him. And take the initiative to continue closer communication.
Get dressed elegant and stylish. Students are quite impressionable, they like beautiful girls. And beautiful to them means wearing bright, not like others. Therefore, get creative. Even if your school introduced a school uniform, with accessories to Express their individuality. Buy stylish pencil box, a bright scarf, hair done. All this will attract attention to you the object of sympathy.
More talk with a classmate, ask him about how he spends free time, what movies looks and what kind of music listens. So you know his tastes, and it will help you to become closer. You will have common topics of conversation, you'll spend more time together. You will not want to leave after school you will long to walk, to talk, to share experiences.
Very soon, the classmate can't imagine life without you. He'll get used to continuous communication of love and will tell you about his feelings. Do not rush to please him in return. Too quick consent may disappoint him. Let him think that you are not yet sure of their feelings. This is going to inflame him, he will try to prove their love in all ways. And when he has exhausted his resources, take his offer. The girl won so hard, in love with the student will value very highly.