You will need
  • calculator or program 1C;
  • - the sheet of accounting of working time.
If the employee worked all month, and charge salaries based on 4611 rubles. The minimum wage add to the district factor, prize, promotion or monetary compensation, deduct the tax of 13% and the amount paid in advance. The remaining figure will be the wages for one month of work of the employee. For example, the area ratio is 20%, the amount of the advance issued is equal to 2 thousand roubles, the prize is 1 thousand rubles. 4611 (salary)+922,2 (regional factor)+1000 (bonus)=6533,2-849,32 (tax)=5683,88-2000 (advance)=3683,88 is the amount that will be received by the employee for one month of work.
If the month is not fully worked out, calculate the cost of one hour in the billing period. For this to 4611 rubles divide by the number of hours worked in a given month. The resulting figure multiply it by the hours actually worked, add a regional coefficient, subtract 13% and the amount of cash advance. Almost all enterprises of the prize, inducement or reward for not completely waste a month not paid, so in this example this is not taken into account.
If the employee has a redesigned clock or worked in public holidays, for all recycled watch make a double payment, in that case, if the employee has not expressed a desire to receive instead of paying an extra day off. To calculate the double pay for overtime, multiply the processed clock 2 and the average hourly wage in the calculation period, add 4611 rubles, regional coefficient, prize, reward or promotion. From the figures, subtract 13% and the amount of issued wages in advance. The remaining amount will pay for one month of work.
If the employee worked at night, according to labor law pay for all hours of the night with a 20% surcharge, unless otherwise specified in internal legal acts of the enterprise. To do this, make the calculation of hours worked on the night. Hours of night work is considered to be from 22 to 6 o'clock in the morning. Multiply all hours of the night on average hourly pay in the payroll period add to this amount, 20%. Separately calculate the payment for daily hours of operation, add the resulting amount, add a regional coefficient, prize, inducement or reward, deduct the tax of 13% and the amount of cash advance.