You will need
  • the sheet of accounting of working time
The sum of normal working hours. For example, a five-day working week duration of daily work shift is 8 hours, and a week - 40 hours. For the convenience of calculation elaborate annual production calendar. In the help search system Consultant Plus (in the section "reference information") has production calendars for the period from 1993 to 2011. For some categories of finds a reduction in working time. For example, for workers with harmful and dangerous working conditions — not more than 36 hours a week. This means that the shift is an average of 7 hours and 15 minutes, i.e. after this time is considered overtime.
Accurately reflect actually worked the number of overtime hours in the time sheet. The timekeeper notes the daily working time of each employee.
Calculate hours of processing over normal duration of working shift for each day.
Summarize worked in excess of hours in the current month. This is necessary for payroll. The law does not limit the processing in one month. Prohibits overtime exceeding 120 hours per year and four hours during two consecutive days. Bringing employee to work overtime beyond the established prohibitions is a violation for which administrative responsibility.
In the summarized record of working time:
- determine the normal number of working hours in accounting period (month,quarter);
from time actually worked, subtract the norm, thus you get a watch