If you truly love your wife, speak with her regularly and pay attention to what's going on in her soul, you just feel that something is amiss. She stops talking, and begins to hide his eyes, ashamed of you, the answer is muddled or evasive on simple questions of a series, and which movie you watched with your girlfriend or what you were treated to my mom last Sunday. You will feel that her thoughts are somewhere far away, she thinks about something (or rather someone else). At this time, if you suddenly touch her, she'll flinch and her eyes you will see fear - it for a second, decide that you overheard her thoughts.
In bed can also start to change. Or it will grow cold towards you, or Vice versa, the sexual side of your relationship will become more frequent and bright. So changing spouse subconsciously trying to protect yourself from unnecessary accusations of coldness or to make amends. Your wife feels like people who give someone something that belongs to you by law, and therefore tries to you was not deprived of it.
Men do not tend to pay attention to the little things, but it just that case when to look. If your spouse changed your hair, and your compliment was perceived rather coldly, be wary not for you was this trip to the salon. Bright manicures and pedicures, neck, high heels in daily life, bright tight outfits, jewelry - unless of course it was not your wife and dressed only on weekends or never - all symptoms of a new attractive for your wife men in her life. Perhaps infidelity was not yet, but she's already eager to please this "someone".
If accidentally you found in the dryer a new sexy underwear that was not presented to you as something special, bought something important to you, or fishnet stockings, and your praise, the lady is joyful to the eyes turned the conversation to another topic, then you can be sure - the audience during the demonstration of this purchase was not chosen you. Sometimes, of course, that the woman just decided to treat myself and bought a luxurious bustier. But in this case, if she has no other men, she will share this joy with you, no doubt!
Needless to say that turned off the phone, or Vice versa, the constant texting, and your phone and e-mail, if before you were open, too, should bring you to thoughts well-defined type. Mobile phone a long time he was not only a way to communicate in necessary situations. It embodies the personal space and personal life. It's a way to be together, people with families. Way to say this morning about his feelings. Way to show tenderness and care. Hardly anyone refuses this means of communication.
Listen to what your wife says. Who is she talking about. If the name of someone of the colleagues she POPs up more often than others, it is not casual. This is the clause "according to Freud". It is very difficult to hide your thoughts and feelings from a loved one. It is impossible to always be alert. A man relaxes at home and can just give away.

The same applies to any new judgments and sentences. We absorb other people's words and other people's views on life. Also, women are by nature inclined to adapt and to look at the world through the prism of the views of his men. Therefore, the new male in your wife's life happens to her way to think and Express their thoughts. It will inevitably bring into her life something new: habits, tastes, phrase. You will notice all of this. Of course, if you are really close with your wife and not live like two roommates in the apartment.