Think whether your passion is spending less time? If so, find out what was the cause. Any secret and mysterious Affairs, in which she doesn't want to let you and "confused testimony" should be cause for concern. However, it may be that she just prepares you a pleasant surprise.
About cheating women one can wonder if she became more care of himself. Began to do an intricate hairstyle, paint your nails or spend more time in the bathroom, increasing your cosmetic Arsenal exponentially. Global updates to the wardrobe can also serve as an indirect sign of female infidelity.
About female infidelity can speak of the mysterious conversation on the phone, correspondence via ICQ and email, which she carefully hides. Of course, this can be due to anything from friends, to spy games, but the cheating in this case cannot be ruled out.
Cheating women can be calculated and new habits that she had. For example, it was often screwed into his speech with jokes and catchphrases, not previously used, or in bed behaves differently. Treason can talk to the resistance of your friend, if you offer to pick her up from work.
To convict a woman of adultery is possible, if she became colder to you. If there are fewer hugs, kisses, tender words, proximity less than usual, maybe the lady is cheating on you. This was also indicated by the frequent quarrels without reason.
Female infidelity is suspected in the case, if your girlfriend began to show to you special attention, to care more than usual. This behavior may indicate that she feels guilty and tries to atone for it.
About cheating women you'd think if she was often bringing home gifts, pretty confusing explaining their origin, and if you was less than required "injections of cash" than before.
To convict a woman of adultery is possible, if it was treated more indifferently than before. If your passion changes, then it ceases to confuse your absence, don't care about appearance and what is happening in your life.
If the conversations often mentioned what a masculine name, you might suspect that the woman was you to change.
Of course, to convict a woman of adultery is possible, if you find direct evidence, for example, the correspondence in the phone or on the computer, as well as photos. Or in your absence visit from a stranger.