If a woman is flirting on the side, she just need to look good. Usually people in a new relationship try to show themselves perfect, emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. If the wife suddenly began to take care of myself, to pay much attention to the clothes, manicure, hairstyle, look to its surroundings. But it is a sign of adultery only in the case when before this she was paid much less time.
New underwear — it can also be a sign of infidelity. Pay attention to what packages were on it before, and what is now. If she is completely updated all underwear, bought a charming lace and expensive satin, so she wants someone like that. Of course, all women regularly acquire something new, but we are talking about a complete change in the collection, not extra purchases. But only do not rush to conclusions, perhaps so she decided to improve the marital bond.
If a woman cheats, she hides the fact of communicating with another man. She can turn off the phone, lock access to your account in social networks, not to trust someone mail. If earlier it was easy to go to any page if the phone was left unattended, and then suddenly everything changed, think. As a signal about the change can be very quiet conversations on the phone message at night.
Cheating takes time. If the wife suddenly started going to the gym, psychological training or in the circle drawing, note that. Check to see if she attends the classes described actually. Ask, for example, what she was doing, clarifying the details. It appeals to the desire to meet her sometime in person. Ask to take myself to one of these events. And look at the reaction. If there worried my wife will be calm, talk about what is happening without hesitation. If you have anxiety, check out what she does.
Treason usually behavior issues in bed. A woman or refuses to close, citing any reason, or becoming very demanding. If you notice changes in behavior wife, jokingly ask what was going on. Excitement can give the fact of treason. But remember that isolated lack of desire is normal, but the constant may be suspect.
Usually, changing trying to hide the fact of adultery. If the wife after work goes to shower and haven't done this before, so something has changed. Of course, summer is common, but to check, hug your spouse at the door. You can feel a strange smell, if there is one. After all, it is most often hide all the women.