First and foremost, the appearance of the woman someone on the side, she starts to sharply limit their personal space. In these moments the cell phone, you receive a password, deletes all messages and call log. In addition, the husband may notice that his wife, talking on the phone, aim to shut in the other room.
If his wife began to give their appearance more attention, or decided to change your wardrobe, repaint the hair and make a new hairstyle, then most likely she wants to be irresistible to your lover.
One of the signs of the appearance of the woman of another man is a sudden unreasonable jealousy on her part. It would seem that the woman on the contrary must be cold to your husband, but in this case plays a sense of ownership. The more often the man who decided to have someone on the side, begins to project their own behavior on the behavior of its second half.
You should pay attention to changes in intimate life. The woman, having a lover, attracted to my husband comes to "no". As there are various excuses from making love.
The wife may begin to move away from her husband. If earlier, coming home, the couple discussed the previous day, sharing problems and experiences, now the wife behaves closed, thoughtfully and silently. May even start to avoid talking and try to stay in the room alone.
If the wife has a new passion and hobby that makes her long to leave the house, it is also an occasion to reflect, does not change whether his wife. Not the exception and frequent meetings with friends, long hours at work and personal Affairs, in which the wife wants her husband.
The appearance of the woman lover, lost kind words and attention to her husband. She begins to take all action second half absolutely neutral. It will not irritate scattered around the house socks, get-togethers with friends in the garage and watching the next football match. Terrible scandals, which was not there before, beginning when the wife will take the exact decision to leave her husband and go to her lover.
When my wife appears a lover, they may not answer calls husband and forbid him to meet her after work. My wife lost the desire to go with her husband out of the house to the store or just for a walk.
When a wife is cheating, she begins to grow cold and different pleasant surprises and gifts made by the husband. They don't cause her joy and gleam in his eyes.