Reassured, to the extent possible, decide for yourself whether you want to live with this woman. Then answer the question: "will I be Able to live with your wife?". And always think: "will I be Able to live without my wife?".When you have decided and know for sure whether you're with your wife in the future, you need to learn to live with their memories and thoughts.Start your life anew. Everything that happened to you, not going anywhere - it's history. Take it and try not to remember.If you decide to continue to live together, start to speak their thoughts. Ask my wife about the same. Explain to her that you are different perceptions of the same information as you — a man and she a woman. Add to your communication more humor, irony and a drop of half a drop of sarcasm. Start again to go on a romantic date. If you think it is not fair to invite the cheater on a date, ask her to arrange it. Take a hike to your seats (where was your first date, first kiss, wedding or any other event). Liven up your intimate life. Experiment, but in moderation. No one should feel offended. Everyone should feel comfortable.If you can't continue a life together, then tune in that it will not be easy. Start a new life. Best of all embark on a journey to a place where you weren't with your wife. Replace all your clothes and all items that surround you on new that won't remind you about the woman. Ask friends for help and support. It is sure to say that they did not remember your ex the woman (no joke, no irony, no way!). If you don't mind working, ask your guide to give you a more difficult task. So you will get the opportunity to mentally step back from the situation. Sports is their favorite or brand new.