When a lady falls in love, she begins to look after themselves, pays more attention to appearance and figure. If suddenly the wife began to regularly buy new underwear, and had done this rarely, if visiting the gym consistently if you changed the wardrobe, it is worth considering. In a new relationship all want to look their best, to emphasize their strengths, is working among lovers, so any changes might cause suspicion.
The woman begins to conceal their correspondence, removes phone. This is real signs, if she hadn't done it before. For example, previously it was easy to go to her page in social networks, she did not hide your email and password from it, and now it closes and tries not to give the opportunity to someone to see something. As a sign of infidelity can be turned off the house phone or dropping calls from an unknown number.
New Hobbies can also be a sign of infidelity, for example, psychological trainings every weekend or workshops in the evenings. Any affair takes time, so it can come up with different classes, from physical exertion to learning foreign languages. To check, find out the contacts of friends with whom she goes out, ask how everything is going. Specify how an evening that's new has happened in the classroom. You can even offer her to take her from the event and see the reaction.
Signs of betrayal — refusing to talk about how she spends time. If delayed, after work, leaves the house at the weekend, but did not comment, there is a possibility that she found a new passion. If your questions about this time responding irritably, trying to evade the answer or not come up with real history, it is worth checking what is happening.
Signs of infidelity — a strange smell. To didn't feel it, she immediately runs to the shower as soon as I appear on the doorstep. Of course, it is not necessary in the summer it can be a desire to cool off, but you can check. Start kissing a woman, when she came home from work, you will feel if something is wrong. Remember that all the signs of infidelity helps to erase the washing machine, pay attention if she washes too often.
The cleanliness of the car, which was not informed. it is also possible variant of infidelity. Many the lovers be meeting in the car, and show the mess the girl does not want so she begins to monitor the cleanliness, constantly cleaning. It's the ability to hide the fact of treason, because they can leave residue even on chairs.
But the easiest way to learn about infidelity of a woman is to start watching it. Usually it changes. It may occur in any sphere: from care to work. A new man makes different burn her eyes, it stimulates her on positive thoughts and because of this it changes anything. If such changes are many, and causes your life total can't you see, you should see what happens on the side.