Spouse ceases to be interested in the Affairs of her husband. She meets him, not paying attention, perceive cool stories about the last day and its events.
The woman is not willing to discuss joint plans for the holiday or weekend. She is aloof and shows no interest in family matters and mutual enjoyment.
Wife more often than before, calls up and meets with her friends. From time to time her cell phone at such meetings is excluded, or she's not picking up. The justification is simple: did not hear the call, run out of money, battery is dead, and the like.
Home frequent scandals. Wife always unhappy husband, sometimes openly picking on him.
Of course, the suffering and the marriage bed. Wife in all possible ways tries to avoid sex with her husband.
Cheating wife begins to carefully monitor themselves. She suddenly changes form, begins more actively than before, use cosmetics, sit on a diet, more attention to his toilet.
Wife is absolutely not eager to spend time with your spouse. End the scandals of overtime a spouse, inability to go out of town for the weekend to visit some activities. Wife is even happy with the fact that her husband was very rarely home.
In the wife's phone (well, if you are one of those who shun the opportunity to dig into other people's things or someone else's phone appear a text with lyrical content, a lot of calls from one unknown number.
My husband no longer meets the hot freshly cooked dinner on the table, as the wife now cooks for three to four days, and regularly invites the head of the family to learn how to use a microwave.