Refrain from the temptation – do not read SMS messages of your spouse, do not check her mail, and don't hire hacker for hacking her page in the "Classmates". Is only a start, and the idea of total control will dominate the rest of your life, everything else will be unimportant. Now you are full of suspicion, even innocent message: "Hey, let's meet" can knock you off track. She could write a high-school girlfriend, and you flew into a rage and have already given his pledge in case of divorce the country to keep! Simmer down, not do anything rash.
Just observe the behavior of his wife. If your wife suddenly became interested in hang gliding, it does not mean that she was seduced by a handsome pilot. However not the superfluous will learn, in which company she is studying at leisure the structure of gliders.
Try to spend more time with his wife. Listen to her requests, pay attention to her mood. In marriage trust is important, a good spouse, usually the best friends. Become her friend, especially if you intimacy your relationship is far from perfect. Let her know that she has something to lose, and she will dispel your suspicions.
Do not neglect the General companies. Go with the wife on the birthday of her friend, even if you've stubbornly ignored such invitations. There is a chance that old friends know the personal life of your spouse. Find out from them the details over a glass of wine, as a rule, is not difficult.
If the suspect still does not leave you, no matter how you tried to get rid of them, it is not forbidden to seek the services of private investigators. However, remember that this is an extreme measure. In the event that if troubles you almost don't sleep and lost appetite. Regardless of the result of the investigation, no harm will visit to the psychologist. Especially if you find that you wasted your money on the detective, and your suspicion had no basis.
However, the best way to test loyalty – direct the conversation. This banal method many consider useless – because you can always pretend. But psychologists say that to hide the real feeling, no matter how great an actress nor your wife, will not work. Especially if the question is about the change caught her by surprise. When talking look her in the eyes, a liar is unlikely to want to meet with you look. Usually malignant izmenschitsa gives intonation – emotional.
Before resorting to drastic options, think about whether you want to know the truth. Maybe sometimes it's better to live in ignorance? A passing fancy pass, and are you ready for a breakup? Exposed infidelity is something you have to live. And remember this for years to come.