Advice 1: How to check a cheating wife

Is she cheating on me? This question is asked not only jealous. Suspicions of infidelity are sometimes plagued by those, who considers himself a happy man, and seemingly has no reason for such fears. Alarming guesses do not give you to sleep, and jealousy turned into obsession? There are simple ways to checkwhether you change your second half.
The suspicions poison the lives of
Refrain from the temptation – do not read SMS messages of your spouse, do not check her mail, and don't hire hacker for hacking her page in the "Classmates". Is only a start, and the idea of total control will dominate the rest of your life, everything else will be unimportant. Now you are full of suspicion, even innocent message: "Hey, let's meet" can knock you off track. She could write a high-school girlfriend, and you flew into a rage and have already given his pledge in case of divorce the country to keep! Simmer down, not do anything rash.
Just observe the behavior of his wife. If your wife suddenly became interested in hang gliding, it does not mean that she was seduced by a handsome pilot. However not the superfluous will learn, in which company she is studying at leisure the structure of gliders.
Try to spend more time with his wife. Listen to her requests, pay attention to her mood. In marriage trust is important, a good spouse, usually the best friends. Become her friend, especially if you intimacy your relationship is far from perfect. Let her know that she has something to lose, and she will dispel your suspicions.
Do not neglect the General companies. Go with the wife on the birthday of her friend, even if you've stubbornly ignored such invitations. There is a chance that old friends know the personal life of your spouse. Find out from them the details over a glass of wine, as a rule, is not difficult.
If the suspect still does not leave you, no matter how you tried to get rid of them, it is not forbidden to seek the services of private investigators. However, remember that this is an extreme measure. In the event that if troubles you almost don't sleep and lost appetite. Regardless of the result of the investigation, no harm will visit to the psychologist. Especially if you find that you wasted your money on the detective, and your suspicion had no basis.
However, the best way to test loyalty – direct the conversation. This banal method many consider useless – because you can always pretend. But psychologists say that to hide the real feeling, no matter how great an actress nor your wife, will not work. Especially if the question is about the change caught her by surprise. When talking look her in the eyes, a liar is unlikely to want to meet with you look. Usually malignant izmenschitsa gives intonation – emotional.
Before resorting to drastic options, think about whether you want to know the truth. Maybe sometimes it's better to live in ignorance? A passing fancy pass, and are you ready for a breakup? Exposed infidelity is something you have to live. And remember this for years to come.

Advice 2 : How to prove to the guy that didn't cheat

Jealousy in small amounts is even useful, but if she crosses the border, expect that everything will change for the better, does not make sense. It happens that a loved one appear unfounded suspicions of infidelity. The situations are different, everything can be explained. But if it happens, trust leaves, leaving only doubts and claims.
How to prove to the guy that didn't cheat
Almost all the guys - the owners. And if the guy there are constant suspicions that it is trying to deceive, to hide something, then to change it will be very hard. For people don't need a reason to be jealous, they find it in any situation. To prove his innocence of treason is practically useless. In such cases, can only help the conversation and placing all points over "i". Should negotiate with him clearly once and for all that suspicion and quarrels can only destroy the idyll. In fact, cheating does not even smell.
Sincere explanations can help not always. You can arrange a personal acquaintance of the guy with the person to whom he was jealous (better to issue as a chance meeting). This can be a colleague or a classmate who was not going to go into other people's relationships, just not in time called or texted. This situation can also be resolved without resorting to the introduction of two people, and, for example, typing the phone number of the person to whom jealous. Turn on the speakerphone. Maybe the guy will realize that any additional relationships, except for manufacturing or business, you is not in sight.
At the very least, when it's running out of options and the guy just doesn't want to hear anything, you can find out where in the city there are firms offering services of detection of deception using the polygraph. It's pretty expensive, are they not everyone can. But one your offer or consent to be tested on a lie detector can filter out all his doubts. If he liked a solution, then why not arrange a little adventure, and at the same time to see how this detector works. It will be a very entertaining experience.
If a guy often caught you in a lie or petty deceptions, he is unlikely to believe you in the future, even if at some point you have the opportunity to provide conclusive evidence.
Useful advice
Don't add too much, giving degrading your dignity explanations in cases where they are not appropriate (i.e. when there was no reason to). Enhanced justification on your part will only confirm that suspicion.

Advice 3 : What are the signs of infidelity

Rare family can boast of impeccable loyalty of husband and wife. That is the downside of almost any romantic Union. On the way the once strong Alliance can stand a rival or a rival. And then family safety may be at risk. Aware – is forearmed. Therefore, you should not really rely too much on the sweet ignorance. Sometimes the traitor should be held accountable, and you need to know the signs of infidelity.
Signs of infidelity


Imaginary signs of infidelity

Those that suspect your mate of cheating, you should be very careful. Unfounded suspicions can significantly harm family relationships, so it is important to know what the signs of infidelity are imaginary.

The most common perceived signs of infidelity are:

  • a sharp decline in libido;
  • irritability;
  • stealth.

All these signs have in common is that each of them can cause a huge number of reasons. If husband or wife suddenly lost interest in sex, it may be associated with great fatigue, emotional problems at work and basic financial turmoil. And that's not to mention the health problems.

The acrimony is unlikely to be a clear sign of infidelity. Usually, changing men and did not show any discontent in their marriage, in order to fill the front of her guilt.

Stealth can also be tied to a variety of reasons. And adultery – not the most obvious.

Signs infidelity husband

Signs of infidelity are clearly divided by gender. Men are different about their family mission, so in the case of having an affair, his behavior will be special.

Changing the man always produces a radical change of attitude towards their appearance. If the husband suddenly began to monitor the volume of his waist, sat on a diet or drastically exercise – perhaps he wants to become attractive to someone.

The same is true of wardrobe. Instead of the old flannel shirt the husband suddenly became stylish to wear the fitted suits? Apparently, he was scrupulous to relate to their appearance or especially trying to be more attractive for someone in particular.

Husband used to brushing my teeth with the scandal, and has now become a pedantic maniac hygiene? Maybe all he is doing for someone.

Another sign of male infidelity – the sudden attentions towards his wife. It can be flowers "just because", a set of new underwear or a brand-new smell of toilet water. Changing the man often tormented by a sense of the types prior to my better half, therefore, strives to compensate for their behavior with gifts and attentions. By the way, the gifts often carry with them the shadow of a fatal izmeniti. Lingerie just like her perfume with rich floral aroma. If the gifts suddenly stopped responding to the tastes of his wife, but on the contrary began to show the style of another woman, it is an occasion to look at the behavior of her husband.

Signs of infidelity wife

Relationship women for adultery is quite different. The fair sex, having a fling on the side, I always try to be very attentive wives for their husbands.

Therefore, if the wife suddenly neither from that nor from this began to show excessive care of her husband, out of place to say compliments and in General play on the vanity, you should look at her behavior. It is possible that this woman just wants to look away from your sin on the side.

Another obvious sign is the constant comparison of the behavior and habits of the husband with the behavior of the spouses of friends. "But Masha's husband earns three times more than you. So I understand the man," if this phrase starts every morning, probably wife stopped to see a man prop and already have chosen someone better.

Perhaps the most obvious sign of female infidelity – appearing expensive gifts. They are often blamed on gifts from parents and friends. Wives, as a rule, very careful, and release cover will be difficult – probably familiar already notified in the hype and will not give a cheater spouse.

Suddenly appearing workaholism is another clear sign of infidelity. If the wife had not particularly fascinated her, and the last time overtime and shifts on weekends are becoming more and more very likely that the reason for such zeal is not career achievement, but an easy affair.

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