First of all, understand that the man's Twin because of its lively and light character used to be in the spotlight. He has experienced success, his love to a woman so compliments a man can not be surprised. To catch every word of the man-the Twin, looking at him with silent adoration, praise - is not the best options. To attract the attention of the Twin, you have to show that you differ from all the others. He needs to understand that you are special.
To achieve your goal you should understand that the male-Gemini appreciates in relationships with women, what he expects from these relationships, what they seek. The fact that one of the most attractive qualities in a woman, the male Twin was not considered a beauty. That is, an external data it is of course very pays attention to, but the main advantage of women in his eyes is intelligence.
To seduce a male Twin, Queen needs to show him that she's a good interviewee, that the level of its spiritual and intellectual development is very high. The woman who is next to the twin needs to develop himself spiritually, to have a career, creativity, strive for interesting and eventful life.
Flirting with the twins, put away your usual standard punches. Be witty and lively, unexpected. Let him know that you are a mystery. He will want to unravel it.
Also nice to be able to leave this man. Let's say you feel interested in a male Twin, the conversation flows easily and naturally. When he is totally focused on your words and turn you whole body, suddenly take care of other things. This will force the Twins to want to continue talking to you.