Advice 1: How to find song minus

Minus (or minus one) is a soundtrack that lacks any batch - vocal or single instrument. Most of the backing tracks used by vocalists as a musical accompaniment during performances in restaurants and clubs, etc. Minus - it's not karaoke, it has good quality, often contains backing vocals.
How to find song minus
Try to find minus the desired composition on one of the free sites backing tracks. One of these sites - You can use the list of domestic and foreign artists in alphabetical order, and enter the name of the song in the search box. Minuss songs in the style of pop to find the easiest way them online majority. For rock music, for example, there are special resources.
There are sites and forums where musicians and vocalists communicate with each other and exchange their backing tracks. One of them is a music forum Sign up and leave a request for the desired minus perhaps some of the users he is. Also use the search - suddenly someone has already posted on the website that you are looking for. A good way of getting new backing tracks - communication with fellow musicians (if you are professionally engaged in the music). Invite a friend to share the available cons. Such mutual assistance can save you time and money and build up his repertoire.
Attempts to find the right backing tracks in the network is not always successful. It happens when the song is still quite new, when it is popular in narrow circles, etc. it Happens also that available cons poor quality or don't have backing vocals. In this case, use the services of a professional arranger. They often offer the creation of quality backing tracks for a fee. As a rule, before you make the order, you can see the finished work of the specialist and make up their minds about their quality.

Advice 2 : What program to remove voices from songs

Minus – a musical composition that lacks either vocal or instrumental. To create backing tracks with the remote voice there are special feature-rich programs.
What program to remove voices from songs
The use of backing tracks, with remote vocals is quite extensive: for karaoke, stage for performances or overlay your favorite music on the visuals when creating homemade movies or videos.

Cut or neutralize almost spots the voice of any musical composition by using specialized programs.

A computer program to create "backing tracks" are divided into those that require software installation in the PC memory, and ones that allow you to do the work to fix the voice online.

Online programs

One of the popular free online services to remove the vocals from songs is VocalRemover that supports most common audio formats: mp3, wav, flac, ogg, aiff, cdda.

Voice removal is due to the subtraction in stereo recordings out of each other left and right channel, leaving monotypes-cut vocals.

The program works well only if the vocals in the center. The voice recorded to the left or right, cut with the help of this program, is not always possible.

Another drawback of the service – if the center of stereo recording written instruments often it is the bass or the drums, their sound can be lost with the remote voice.

Another simple online service for cutting out the vocals – X-minus. The program supports such audio formats as mp3, mp4, wma, flac. The size of the downloaded music file should be no more than 30 MB, it is desirable that the vocals were spelled out in the center of the stereo recording and not merged with the sound of musical instruments.

In order to improve the quality of the composition service provided by the settings of the frequency range of vocals and the ability to adjust the tone.

Programs that require installation on

Serious audio editor with many options and rich functionality is Adobe Audition.
The program is undemanding to opportunities and works perfectly even on slower machines, has a fairly simple interface that is compatible with applications from other manufacturers.

When removing vocals editor allows you to choose the location of the voice, the range of suppressed frequencies, the level and rate of suppression of the vocals, and many other important settings.

A drawback of the program is the inability to perfect suppress the vote without affecting the sound of musical instruments and the possibility of the most complex-sounding compositions such undesirable effects as, for example, reverb.

The powerful audio editors is the program Sony ACID Music Studio. Among its advantages is the support of a large number of audio formats, the impressive number of special effects, high-quality office party voice from the music.

The conditional drawback of the editor may be considered the inability to obtain perfect suppression of voices without affecting overall sound of the song.

But, according to experts, getting quality backing tracks is possible only in one case – if this tune will be written specially, and not obtained by programs that suppress the sound of the vocals.
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