You will need
  • Computer, Adobe Audition
First decide what way we are going to create it. You can pick up of each instrument by ear using the MIDI editor. But then on the MIDI track will have to substitute the sound of a VST instrument ("revive"). You can also create minus of the positive phonogram, erasing the voice with the help of special programs. Consider this method in more detail.
It should be understood that to create backing tracks high quality, you must use only high-quality file-original. Therefore, the mp3 files should be avoided.
Remove from the phonogram of the voice using Adobe Audition. Running the program, in turn, open all previously created backup. Opening all the Windows, start editing the track "original". To do this, in the left pane, double-click on the track name. Then under “Edit View” (Edits) and the waveform of the track allocated by double-clicking the left mouse button.
Next, on the tab “Effects” (Effects) go to the “Filters -> Center Channel Extractor” to Extract the center channel) where you can choose a preset “Karaoke”.
In this window, drag the slider of “Center Channel Level” you can change the volume of the centre. And with the “Discrimination Settings” discrimination), to adjust the width of cut. You can also select the desired preset.
Now, click on the “Preview” button (View) to preview a record. And if you are satisfied, it remains only to click on the “OK”button.