Advice 1: How to mute words in the song

During the execution of any pop songs, sometimes you want to drown out some of the wordsto the song got a different sound. If we assume that the human voice has a frequency of sound is 500 Hz, the removing of the song all sounds having the same frequency, you will remove not only the voice but also the sound of the guitar or other musical instruments.
How to mute words in the song
To solve this problem allows a special software that will help you to remove the sound of any timbre, tonality and frequency. Use only high-quality musical instrument. This will allow you to get incredible aesthetic pleasure from both listening to music and singing.
If you want to remove words of a song, use a program such as YoGen Recorder. You can download it from official developer's website, install on the hard drive of your computer and run it. Select the specific audio file for editing. To remove voice mute its frequency. And for the neighboring frequencies, on the contrary – increase the volume. In this way you will be able, almost without touching the music, remove the sound of the words of the song. Now you can apply the melody to the song with the wordsmi.
You can also use the following method. Find any negative rhythmically repetitive melody. Then run any program you edit mp3 files and use the commands “copy/paste”, create a new track. So you have to remove the voice from a song with minimal distortion ringtones.
Using YoGen Recorder, you can create any song from a melody karaoke. This way you will be able to record his singing, then to subject him to severe criticism. If you failed to remove voice from a song, ask for help from their friends, who are well versed in this matter.
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Today pop singing is impossible without the use of modern musical instruments, which allows to process the voice of the singer, making it more melodic. To enhance the attractiveness of the composition and increase its sales, it is possible to make the arrangement. Almost every concert or performance is not complete without the use of certain techniques, which allow to improve the sound of a particular song. This applies to both singing live and lip-synched.

Advice 2: How can I remove words from a song

Sometimes in our life there are situations when we need a minus one of any songs (i.e., music without words). For example, you need to prepare a performance, the creative room to an office party or to congratulate someone from relatives on a family holiday. You can download backing tracks from the Internet, but the problem is that minus your desired song find is not always possible. So here are the instructions how to create a backing at home.
How can I remove words from a song
You will need
  • - Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition program Download, if you have no courage. Courage Install to your computer.
Open the program, set it view – multitrack and drag the file there with the song from which you want to do in the garage. Do this four times to get four tracks. Give your tracks names such as "original", "bass", etc.
Double-click on the track "original". Double-click the entire wave of sound in this track, from the top select "Effects" – "Filters" – "Removing center channel". In the window that appears, adjust the volume and width of cut. Evaluate the results using the buttons "View". If you are happy with it, then hit "OK".
Now take the next track ("bass"), scroll to it. Select "Effects – Filters – Scientific filters. Here you select the filter called "Butterwort" – "Pass down". Set the frequency to 800 Hz. Click "View" and achieve the result you need, then click "OK".
For the track "the middle" click "Strip s.", set the frequency of 800-6000 Hz, cut out the center.
For the track "high", press "Skip up", set the frequency from 6000 to 20000 Hz. Cut out the center.
Now every track we cut to frequency. We need to combine all the tracks into one. To do this, open the tab "Multitrack", drag all the files in one place. Now hit "Play" (or Alt+P) and listen to what you have got.
Using different equalizers, you will have to adjust the resulting cell.
The quality of the backing tracks will not make it to the professional, so if you need a very good accompaniment to any important event, it is better to use the services of an arranger.
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