What to do if you really want to know the artist of the songto find it and add to your collection?

If there are words or fragment of a song

If you understand at least a few words of a song or, better yet, remember a piece of text, type the words in any search engine. Finding the name of the song, learn the contractor is not difficult, to help those search engines on the Internet.

Find artist by song name in social networks, clicking on the "My record" and entering it in the search bar.

Heard on the radio the song can be found by going to the website of the radio station. Usually there is published a rating of the most popular songs. The probability to find the right, knowing her name.

If the song is from the movie, enter its name in the search engine by adding the prefix OST. After you have a list of songs that were used in the film, listen to them in order, until you find the right. Also in the Internet you can find special services, such as "my-hit.org" where there are a lot of movies, including new products, soundtrack, photographs and other useful information.

Service midomi.com allows you to hum a song if you have a microphone. And service "audiotag.info" will help to find song and artist if you have a fragment of the composition.

If no methods do not produce the desired result, arrange a quiz using the social network and the knowledge of their friends. Add the snippet on your page please tell who sings it.

If you know only the tune of the song

The song that was played on the radio, usually repeat during the day more than once. You can include the station in the background and wait for the sounding of the desired composition. On many official websites of the radio stations have a Ticker, on which is written the artist and the name of the song that sounds in the moment.

Hearing the song again, you can use the service "Music expert" provided by mobile operators. For example, for MegaFon subscribers need to dial the number 0665, bring the phone to the speaker and hold for 5-10 seconds. In reply will come the name and artist of the song.

The service "musipedia.org you can strum a tune or a beat of any song. The program will process the sound and give you the options of coincidences.

If you remember the video clip, type in a search engine the main points of the plot by adding at the end the word "video". For example, Car, sunset, road clip". You can find special forums where members help each other to find out the name and artist of the song in her video.