Enter the familiar lines on the Internet in any search engine "Yandex", "Google", "Rambler", "Yahoo!" no matter, the result will be a huge list of sites with phrases where the searched words.This list systematically you begin to view, filtering out songs with the full text and names. Most likely, at this stage it will be clear who takes so separee the soul of the work.
Proceed to search for artist. Often the same song can sing several different artists. For example, the legendary "My Way" ("My way") in different years and sang Frank Sinatra, and Paul Anka, and Elvis Presley, and even Sid Vicious, and many others.And as much as people singing "Moscow nights", the most often song in the world, what is even written in the Guinness Book of records, and do not count.Therefore, in order to be completely sure, you need to find the sites where your desired song, you can listen to or download. Alternatively, enter a query such as, "My Way performers.
Further, accordingly, listen to or download a few options.
Focus on the fact that once a fuse in soul.