You will need
  • - personal computer with Internet access.
To remove music from a song can be, at least, two ways. The first is the suppression of frequencies. The principle of this method is based on the fact that the recording disk uses a special format designed to provide higher sound quality: it increases the bit depth and sample rate. And, consequently, for the mute you can reduce the frequency. The second method is the use of special programs designed to create "backing tracks", that is, the separation of words and music.
Download "KarMaker": it's designed to quickly create karaoke files. Install this software on your PC. "KarMaker" allows you to create MIDI 1 track, which is a meta-event. Mainly, this program is designed to create the lyrics. However, this program opens the advanced options for working with the user, including and allows you to separate music from words.
Download the program "Adobe Audition" and install the software PC. Open the program and load the song in which the words and music you want to separate from each other. Go to the menu program by selecting "Effect", then "Stereo Imagey" and click on the "Center Channel Extractor". Will automatically turn on the plugin window, which will perform additional configuration by removing the music, the sound of the remaining words should be crisp and clear.