By order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No. 1 dated 26.12.94 G. N 170 "About the situation in accounting and reporting in the Russian Federation" specifies that records of goods and their movement the organization shall maintain in physical gauges. Consider the type of goods, quantity, monetary value. Primary accounting documents, inter alia, should contain the date of preparation and the content of economic operations.Very often in the trading organization receives identical product under different name. In order not to get lost in the abundance of names and mass of the parish, the company has the right to create their own internal article and assign it to a particular type of product.
For the account of the goods in the warehouse shopping enterprise, it is important to insure the amount and quantity compliance (MF of the Russian Federation No. 34n dated 29.07.98 p. 9). Therefore, for ease of accounting of goods in the company, you can assign your on-farm article similar goods. To do this, when you receive the invoice and make a posting receipt form number M-4, and assign your article received the goods.
On the basis of receipt voucher no. M-4 make a change to the accounting program. For this, go to "Configuration" 1C, the option is "item master". locate the "Properties", then "article". Assign product article according to your income order. Preparation of N order M-4 is necessary because the absence of verification by tax authorities may result in fines and offsetting input VAT.
With a small turnover is a simpler way. For example, to assign the SKU of the product, in the 1S in the directory "Nomenclature", the field "Name for the element" add to the name of the item, its article.