To easily find the right contract, make the book keeping. Take a thick notebook in a cage. Number the first sheet. Assign the security room and enter it in this magazine. The room may only consist of numbers, for example 345. Or have letters - 123-ID. Besides it bring the date when the contract was made. Line in the log should look like this: 1. contract No. 345-ID from 23.03.2011. In the notes specify the nature of the transaction, if required by the corporate style documentation.
When in organization, there is not a single legal entity, fabricated for each register of contracts. To refer to use symbols. For example, the documents OOO "Three bears" record as 456-TM. A contract from JSC "the Wolf and little Red riding hood" tag 876-ESC. Numbers must be in the notebook in order to avoid confusion.
Even if each business unit is engaged in the design and approval of documents, book of treaties should be one. Otherwise, the roomand the documents will be repeated, which will contribute to the firm's activity disorder. Charge of the Secretary or head of office to conduct this magazine. Do not give employees the print and do not sign the document with the Director General as long as it won't assigned an identification number.