Document in the text editor is divided into several areas. The text is entered in the main (Central) part of the document, but the edges remain empty spaces, which are called fields. The footer is a region located in the top, bottom and side margins on each page of the document.Most often the header and footer are used to insert page numbers in the text, thus the user need not enter each digit independently. The numbering occurs automatically: each page is set to a value increased by one. In the header or footer can contain labels: time, date, company name or name of the document. Also in the header or footer you can place graphical objects – the company logo or any other image.Why to insert repetitive text and graphics easier to use the header and footer. Text or graphics in the header or footer is not changed, not shifted, not distorted. There is no need to enter the same text on each new page. When active the header and footer, the main part of the document becomes uneditable, so its appearance does not change. Quick access to the headers you can get, if you double click with the left mouse button at the top or bottom field of the document. When active the header and footer in the text editor tool becomes available, an additional tab "Design", which can be used to change the appearance of headers and footers, insert the desired objects.Ready-to-use templates, headers and footers need to go to the Insert tab. Select in the section "header and Footer" in the header or footer from the templates drop down list, left click, scroll to your favorite option – this field will automatically bring you to edit mode for headers and footers. To get out of it, double-click in the main part of the document with the left mouse button.