You will need
  • - Microsoft Excel
Start office Excel, part of Microsoft Office, and open the menu "Format cells" the top toolbar of the program window to perform the operation of changing the format of the selected cells.
Click on the tab "Number" dialog box and specify the desired format in the drop-down list in the section "Numeric formats" (the default format "General").
Select the cell you want to change format, and click "Conditional formatting," "Format menu" top tools panel of the application window.
Use the parameter Value to perform the operation desired formatting of a cell depending on its contents and specify the comparison operation.
Enter a value or a formula (using the " = " symbol) in front of it) or enter the value "Formula" to apply the selected formatting criteria.
Enter the value of the formula with logical definitions of "TRUE" or "FALSE" and return to menu "Format" of the top toolbar of the application window.
Specify the type of format cells and click the "Add" button to apply the changes.
Make the selection of cellsto be copied conditional format, click "Format painter" the top toolbar of the Excel application window for the procedure to copy the format of selected cells.
Specify cellsto be changed format and click "Apply" to execute the command.
Use the command "Format" to change each criterion formatting you want to change, or select "Clear" in the dialog box "Format cells" for the following definition of the formatting criteria.
Press the "Clear" button and specify the required formats.
Use the Delete command to conduct cleanup operations selected conditional formatting rules and apply the flags on the sidelines of the criteria to be deleted.