In the editor Microsoft Office Word to create a table using the intended tools. Run the program and click the "Insert" tab. On the toolbar find the "Table" tool and select "Draw table" or use the layout, putting the desired number of rows and columns.
To fill the textom the table cell, set the cursor and enter text in the usual way. If you need to insert a snippet of textfrom the other document, select it and press Ctrl and C. go Back to the document table, place the cursor in the desired cell and press Shift and Insert or Ctrl and V.
Alternative methods: click in the desired cell, right-click and select from the drop down menu "Paste". Or click on the Home tab button-thumbnail "to Insert" with the folder icon in the "Clipboard". Adjust the height and width of the cell.
In Microsoft Office Excel sheet is already a table, but you can also use the tools from the tab "Insert". The very same text in a table cell you can insert on the same principle as in the Word: either using hot keys or mouse. The only thing that you need to consider is the right parameters of the cell.
Open the Home tab and click on the thumbnail "Format" in the "Cells" on the toolbar. Or, click in cell with textom the right mouse button and select the context of themenu item "Format cells". This will open a new dialog box.
Activate the tab "Number" and select the group "number formats" the "Text" using the left mouse button. Go to the tab "Alignment" and in the "Display" set the marker in the fields "wrap text" and "AUTOFIT". Click OK to the new settings took effect.