You will need
  • - metal area;
  • - a sheet of chipboard;
  • - fasteners;
  • - awnings for doors 4 PCs.;
  • - furniture handles 2 PCs.
Carefully measure the place where you decided to place the mezzanine. They are usually hung above the kitchen or front doors in the narrow hallway. Think about whether this wall Cabinet to interfere with the passage or door is opened. Cut the size of a sheet of laminated chipboard, and if you intend to do inside the mezzanine shelf, two. Second shelf make a little first, which is also the bottom of the locker. It should not interfere with the doors closed.
It is easiest to attach the shelf to the wall using metal brackets, wooden bars or furniture corner for hanging shelves. Draw on the walls of the line, which will be bolted to these supports. Vieraita gently and carefully, otherwise the bottom of the mezzanine will be skewed.

Select the fastener suitable for your wall type. It is better to take one that will hold it tight, than to get under the fallen Cabinet. Screw the corners, or sticks to the walls and put them on the bottom of the mezzanine. With shelf, if you decide to do it, will do the same.
The doors are made of plywood or from the same sheet of laminated chipboard, and shelves. Pre-treat the plywood with a varnish with a stain or paint in color, does not violate the General color scheme of the room. Furniture edge fill the edge of the pieces of chipboard so they are tidy looking.

Screw the furniture canopies for doors to the wall, and then attach the doors. Drill holes under the handle, similar or the same as handles on other furniture in the room, insert the accessories in the doors.
To a mezzanine above the door is not conspicuous it is possible to paste over with the same Wallpaper which covered the room, or paint the same paint.

If you don't want long to bother with hanging the doors, use curtains to make a mezzanine closed. Choose a suitable piece of thick opaque fabric, make one side of drawstring in which to thread the fishing line. On the wall screw the hooks facing each other and pull on them the fishing line with a curtain.