You will need
  • Hardboard thickness 3,2 mm
If you need to make a product a certain radius, then pre-make a special template frame. The radius on the end pattern must match the radius of the future sample. Template frames efficiently obtained from residues or waste chipboard. As a material for facade use MDF with a thickness of 3.2 mm.
Determine how many blanks MDF you'll need for one facade. Assume its thickness, if the format is the standard 16 mm prepare 5 pieces From the back side it is better to use MDF with a coating of one tone with frames cabinets ready, otherwise you'll have to spend time painting.
Cutting the workpiece with a small allowance at the intended size, and clean them from dust. Then apply the glue evenly over the entire area. Put the next pattern, again apply a layer of glue. Repeat the action. The latest smear glue is not necessary, because the front and back side of the facade should remain dry.
The layers of fiberboard glued secure on the frame. First take the screws one way. The screws drive in place of allowances. Then fold the entire structure in the shape of the frame, attach the other side. To avoid the formation of waves on the edges of the product, tightly wrap it in stationery tape. With the same purpose can mount a flat bar on top of the edges, applying the clamp.
Wait a few days until dry, then remove the tape and screws. It's time to make sure that the product in the future, not straightened. Immediately attach the small screws. Avoid those places where there are holes for the handles and mesh. All edges are cut with a jigsaw, edges, align the grinding. If you have an angle grinder, then use sandpaper attached to the block.
If you notice at the edge of cracks or voids in bonded, first, seal them, then zashpaklyuyte. It remains to drill the holes and paint the finished product.
There is another way to make curved facade, which did not need to do the template frame. Use special MDF that has a slot approximately 5 mm from each other and the smooth structure on both sides. Procurement of MDF can be fixed on the template, and you can lock the milled sides inside. Then blanks are glued together. MDF thickness is 8 mm. To obtain the standard facade in 16 mm, it is sufficient to glue the two blanks. Wait until completely dry. Bring the product to the desired size, pospolite the ends.