You will need
  • whitewash, oil paint for walls and Windows, plaster, water, cushion, container for mortar, paint spray gun
As a rule, in our doorways repairand it was not long ago, so the plaster on the ceilings and walls almost disappeared. Take a broom or a MOP and sweep up the remnants of whitewash on the walls. In awkward places, sweep the cobwebs round brush attached on the pin with tape. Then the ceiling and walls wet with water from the spray gun and allow the room to dry.
The next step – Stripping the panels from the old painting. Take a putty knife or any other sharp instrument and scrape off the old weak paint off the walls. If the plaster separates from the wall surface, surmount it with a hammer to the core, in order to strengthen it with another layer of plaster.
All the places you have cleaned the walls, primed the soil and allow the room to dry. After that proceed to plaster those places that you rescued. Dissolve the dry mixture and apply to the wall. If you want plastering for two times, allow the first layer to dry and only then apply the next layer. Don't forget before the second layer to wet the wall with water, otherwise plaster will not stick and will fall off.
While the plaster dries, zashpaklyuyte wall. Take a putty zashpaklyuyte wall at a time and let dry. Then zashpaklyuyte them again. As a rule, wall putty twice, but if necessary, you can do it a third time.
When the entrance will be made all the preparatory work, proceed to the whitewashed ceiling. Close all the doors on the grounds of cardboard, and the tenants ask for to cover their doors. Then you can safely proceed to the whitewashed ceiling. Dilute with oil putty in water, it is more "opaque" than a whitewash. To check the quality of whitewash, dip in a solution of a finger. If it remains thick coat of whitewash, the solution is fit for work, if not, the solution is considered weak and should be added fillers. Now strain the solution through cheesecloth into a clean bucket and using the gun will whiten the entrance for two times. Do the whitewash with the help of an assistant, because alone, this work is difficult to do.
After the whitewash dries, scuff spackled spots on the walls, and whitewash, which came on the panel, otherwise the paint will not stay at these places. Repel now on the panel line which will be the border of the painting. Do this: take a cord, roll in the blueprint and put to the intended points on the panels. Pull the cord sharply and release it. On the wall remains a trace of blue. Panel height should be 150, 180 cm is the optimum height that the residents do not get dirty whitewash.
To paint porches used oil paint to make it easier to keep clean the entrance. Take the paint and pour it into one container. Paint need a lot, because in addition to painting the panels I have to paint and fragments of the flight of stairs. It is desirable that all be painted in one color, otherwise the entrance will look unsightly.
Take the paint and pour into bucket. Fleyts dip into the paint and take on the planned boundaries of a flat strip with a width of 5 cm, the same make from the floor panel. Do this around the perimeter at the entrance, or let your partner. You take a roller, dip it into the paint and break in the cuvette. Now hang it to the wall near the floor and move the roller up on the panel, shading the paint along the wall, then across. Most try to soak the roller in paint, procrastinate the panel without gaps. After the first painting panels, leave the surface to dry, then paint the walls a second time. Oil paint spreads easily and protects the surface very well, so you will easily cope with this work.
The last stage of repairand the porch - painting of Windows and fragments of the railings. Take a white oil paint, stir it and paint the window frames for two times. Also for two times fill in the fragments of the railings.