You will need
  • - putty for wood;
  • - furniture accessories (couplers, door hinges, legs, shelf supports, handles, guides, lift-UPS);
  • - new furniture facades;
  • paint spray for wood;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - self-adhesive film.
Remove from the cabinets all the doors and glass. Try moving the furniture from side to side and see how stable it is. If the wall is not creaks, it is possible to work with it.
Check all the screws and zip ties, tighten them if necessary. Inspect the furniture on the reverse side. The back wall should fit snugly to the body, if there's something she's going, attach it using small furniture nails.
All scratches and chips on the body zashpaklyuyte a special tool. Shops selling furniture putty of different colors. Pick one that will perfectly fit the color of your furniture. Especially carefully treat the ends, there are often defects occur.
If you are not satisfied with the color of your furniture, you can change it using the paint spray on wood. Pick the right shade and apply it with a thin flat layer so that the texture of the wood shone through the paint layer. Tint the paint should be only one or two shades lighter or darker than the original color. In this case, the furniture will look more natural. Coat the cabinets with paint not only outside but also inside. Allow paint to dry.
Radically change the color of the furniture can paste over it with self-adhesive film, imitating the texture of wood. Before performing this work practice to work with film on a small piece of furniture. Any deficiencies in work will be evident, and the furniture will look sloppy.
Wooden legs with a height of 15-20 cm give the furniture outdated image, so it's best to replace them. Now a huge selection of furniture legs for any taste and any style, from high-tech to the Baroque. Try to keep the height of the new legs is not too different from the previous ones.
Check the boxes next to and think, is it possible to change the location of doors and niches. You can replace the sliding glass doors or swing to try to combine the swing doors of the mezzanine. Replace them with one rising up on a lift-over. Swap open and closed niches, outweighing the door. Do not limit your imagination with memories about the old look of your walls.
The most important and expensive part of the upgrade is to replace the doors or, as they are called furniture, facades. The doors can be covered with self-adhesive film. But it is better to buy ready-made. All sizes of furniture parts a long time unified. In stores today you can buy any of the facades of a suitable size.
If your wall is non-standard size doors can be ordered in any salon furniture. There you can also order and glass doors with necessary fittings.
There are various materials for facades: MDF and painted chipboard, structured chipboard, doors with glass or textured panels. The most expensive option is the facades from MDF. It is very sturdy and reliable material. Doors from MDF can have any shape. The facades of painted chipboard are cheaper. They are perfectly suited for renovation of old wall.
Hung facades, screw all the knobs. Install the furniture in place.