You will need
  • the phone number of the CTA,a landline phone with caller ID, computer software Phone Search
The simplest thing you can do in this situation is to type the number of your service company and provide information about the time of the missed call (say, at least roughly, what time the call was made). If called from a mobile phone connected to the service "caller ID (calling number identification restriction rooms), to initialize the subscriber is unrealistic. If the call was made from another landline, then most likely, your catering company will provide information about the missed call.
If you were not provided information about this call, go to the office of your GTS and ask for a printout of incoming calls.
In order to continue not to wonder who had to call you on a local number, connect to your telephone keys to rooms. The cost of this equipment can vary depending on its core functionality: the more stations can determine the mechanism, the more it will cost. In this case find a suitable option: below and on the wallet "don't hit", and at the same time was able to identify the majority of numbers to telephone operators.
Another way to find outwho called the landline (and phone) is a Phone Search. Download it from the network (after typing in a search string corresponding to the query) and enter the parameters of the call: date, time, name of the person who was supposed to be able to call you.
The only drawback of the program is as follows: in the case of a city phone number the program will give you only the details of the owner of the rooms, but to call you on this phone could not necessarily it is! In any case, be careful when working with this program.