You will need
  • fantasy, the opinion of the entire team
Do not load this responsibility on one person, it's much simpler to gather the whole team and start one by one to offer aloud their own versions. Some name probably will satisfy your whole group. But invented word must be unique in its kind, but also clear and simple on the ear. It is better to avoid hissing and whistling sounds in the slogan that characterizes you.
Go to any website devoted to rap music. Read the names of the different groups. Most likely, you will see a pattern: every title carries meaning. This may be a reflection of your own style, for example, "Rap-style". Some groups came up with its name, using initials or adding the first letters of names. Try to write something interesting in the same way.
Remember all your Hobbies and interests: cars, clubs, animals. Use any word Association, for example, on what car you dream to drive or the name of any resort where you are vacationing. Rap music is the hip-hop direction, where listeners often appreciate the lyrics about the harsh reality. So it's easy to philosophize, for example, "Gangs of the slums" or "Report the truth".
Consider the fashion trend of glamour, which influenced the modern hip-hop. In the name of his band, as in his lyrics, you can touch on the subject of big money, expensive jewelry, protivopolojnoe the floor.
The women's team in order to attract the audience one name only, can choose something mysterious and seductive, for example, "Candy", "Babes in mini". But the men's team to better focus on his courage, bravery and confidence.