You will need
  • A Web browser, connect to the Internet.
Highlight the characteristic features of the future community. Determine the direction of the clan. Whether it is focused on farm or PVP. The bright features of the clan can be attributed to the RP-direction, or mooresvill, if there is a system of races.
Define the desired type of the name of the clan. Will it abstract or rather characterizes the clan name. Abstract name like Rise Of Abyss, Tribunal, MyWay is good because if you change the priorities, directions of activity of the clan, and even in the transition community in another game, it will remain relevant and well-recognized. On the other hand, the title well describing the clan, may attract additional players.
Consider additional characteristics of the name of the clan. Think, what should be the maximum length of the name. Long titles can be more succinct, but they are not always harmonious. Besides, in most games there are restrictions on the length of names. Decide what the maximum number of words can be in the title. Decide which emotional it must carry. Perhaps you would like to see the clan name began with a certain letter or a certain way it sounded. Many little things can have value.
Make a list of words that can be used in the name of the clan. You can use the dictionaries of foreign words, a translation services such as dictionary of synonyms. As a result, for each position of each word in the title should be a short list.
Think of clan names. Combine words from the lists. Choose the most suitable and euphonious name. Write them in a separate list.
Check the uniqueness of the names of the clan. Use search engines such as Google in order to check the uniqueness of the invented names. Enter the name in double quotes in a search query in order to ensure exact matches. If you want to have a unique name, then delete from the title list of the entries found through the search engines.
Choose a name that will be given to the clan. From the remaining list of names, select one, and that is this clan.